2014 Tractor World Show Review

Fergietrailershop had its usual Trade Stall at the Tractor World Show on 1st and 2nd March 2014. Phil and Stuart were ‘on duty’ on both days and it was a pleasure to catch up with many of our regular customers, and also to meet some new ones. We were very busy on both days, which is good news.

Our new item was a front mounted ‘Taskers Box’. This was made by Taskers of Andover in the fifties and sixties and, being front mounted, allowed the tractor to be used for other work whilst also carrying things about in the box. As well as being very useful for work they should also prove popular on road runs, for carrying all the stuff that you need; tools, waterproofs, tow rope, flasks of tea as well as an extra big box of sarnies!

Two of our most interesting visitors were a couple from the Andover area who’s family had spent many years working at Taskers. They are going to investigate if there is a family history of manufacturing these particular boxes and will report back to us. There is also a chance they may still have some of the period literature, which would be very interesting.

We also talked to some enthusiasts from ‘up north’ who want to fit the new box to a Fordson Major. This was a recognised application but we need a bit of help with the fixing bracketry that is needed by the boys in blue. Between us we should be able to solve that one.

It just goes to show how much knowledge is wrapped up within the thousands of visitors to the show and demonstrates that ‘Knowledge’ really is one of those few things that is worth more when it is shared!


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