General Info.

The Ferguson 30Cwt trailer was introduced in 1952, designated as Model L-JE-40 (tipping) and L-JE-30 (non-tipping). It was listed in the 1954 price list in two forms: non-tipping priced at £90-0-0, or tipping £112-10-0.

It is a smaller trailer than the common 3 ton model but is ideally suited to the Grey Fergie tractor. The body capacity is 1.5 cubic yards, with a maximum payload weight of 30Cwts.

The tailgate can be removed for loading or emptying. The sides are metal but the floor is wooden. The tipping mechanism is operated by the tractor hydraulics.

The trailer is connected to the tractor using the ‘automatic pick up hitch’ mechanism which is both quick and easy.

Unladen weight of the trailer is 9Cwt (approximately 450kg) and the rated maximum payload is 30Cwt (approximately 1500kg).


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