Number Plate Stencils

Number plates on our tractors and trailers should be white (or off white) letters painted on to a black background.  The characters were of a rounded shape in a font that resembled that which would have been painted by the sign writers of the period.  These stencils are designed to be stuck on to your black painted background.  Then you paint the letters through the stencil, leave it a while then peel off the stencil before the lettering is fully dry.  The result is very pleasing to the eye, so much better than stick on letters or pressed aluminium plates which are just………. ‘too modern’.

Standard size letters are 3 1/8″ high, and stencils are available with characters all in a line (rectangular) or with one line of characters above the other (square). See image below for diagrams.

Larger characters are available to suit vintage cars 3 1/2″ size. Alternatively, if painting onto your tractor differential then smaller letters are available.

Price £14 per stencil plus £4 postage and packing for any number of stencils up to half a dozen.