Link Boxes

The long-awaited replica link boxes are now in production.

These are very, very close to the original items – the first one was well received at the ‘Tractor World’ Show and was sold within the hour to an Irish enthusiast.

The main trough of a link box is a one piece item with radiused corners, as per the originals. The only real difference is that the ‘hoops’ of the originals were made from Imperial sized material (1.5″ x 0.75″ [38mm x 19mm] ), the replicas are produced from 40mm x 20mm. Not much difference really!

Available in bare metal at £450 or professionally painted at £700.

Carriage charged at cost, or collect your own. I can assure you that a link box will fit into a Ford Fiesta so they are not difficult to transport.


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