12 Stud Metalwork

Bed kits.

This comprises all of the metalwork which forms the flat bed of the trailer. There are two side rails with the slots cut out for the drop-in posts. The kit comes complete with all the strengthening parts for each ‘pocket’, just like the originals. The front rail also has two ‘pockets’ included. Cross rails and back cross member are all included.

Kit price: £435

For welded side pockets only, add £50
For a fully welded trailer bed, add £150

If you want a fully welded trailer bed it is a good idea to contact us beforehand to discuss transportation options.

The image above is a welded bed kit and drop in post set.

Drop in posts.

As per the originals.

3 types are stocked, ready drilled for 2, 3 or 4 boards per side.

12 stud trailers usually had 3 or 4 board sides, although a few had just 2 boards. When deciding exactly what you require please bear in mind that the drop in posts that you have may not be the original ones as the sides, head and tail board were often transferred between trailers.

£19 each or £200 for a set of 12.

Corner Posts (attach to the boards)

All four corners on the 12 stud trailers are the same, other than being left or right handed.

Each corner assembly consists of a folded angle section with a a welded base and a single chain link arrangement attached to the adjacent drop in post.

Complete corner assembly, £27 per corner:


Corner post only, £20 per corner:

Other individual components:

Pin (welds into corner post) £6
Cotter Pin and Chain £3
Oval Link £6
Quadrant Loop £1

Four of each are needed for each trailer.

Metal Capping Strips

For trailer sides.

10′ long, complete with countersunk screw holes. £18 each.

For Head and Tail Board.

6′ long, complete with countersunk screw holes. £14 each.

Floorboard Finishing Strips

Heavy gauge steel angle section for front and rear ends of floorboards. Ready drilled for fixing bolts. £25 each.