3 Ton

3 ton trailers were originally made by Ferguson, listed as type F-JE-A40 (tipping) and F-JE-A30 (non-tipping).

Type I trailers (1946-7) have a complicated hitch arrangement designed to transfer weight from the trailer to the rear wheels of the tractor. When uncoupled, the trailer stood on two parking jacks. This ingenious arrangement meant that connecting/disconnecting the trailer was time-consuming and the mechanism was replaced by a conventional drawbar arrangement. Conversion kits were available from Ferguson. Trailers produced with the conventional drawbar were generally known as Type II.

Early Type I and II models had a drop-in head board and sides, and were produced under the Ferguson badge and later as the Massey Ferguson 717 model. These trailers were all fitted with 12-stud wheels.

Further development led to the Massey Ferguson 17-7 trailer with 5-stud wheels and fixed corner posts with hinged sides and tailboard as standard.

Hay lades were available for both front and back, these, combined with the detachable sides, resulted in a very versatile trailer for all-year-round use.


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