Q. Do you have any connection with Ferguson, Massey Ferguson or AGCO?
A. No. We are Ferguson enthusiasts who admire the ingenuity of the machinery and want to keep those machines up and running.

Q. Are these genuine Ferguson parts?
A. No, they are not. These trailers are so old that there are no spares available. We began with the need for parts to repair our 30Cwt trailer and soon realised that it was not cost effective to make one-off items. Then we realised that other people were having the same problems, so we have made some extra ones!

Q. Do you have any parts available which will help me to restore my original chassis?
A. Watch this space. We have invested a lot on this project and we hope to be seen as the people to talk to about Ferguson trailer parts. Bear in mind that some parts fit 30Cwt and 3 ton trailers, such as the handbrake. If you cant find the parts you require then contact us and tell us what you need. There may well be others that need the same thing – enough to make re-manufacture viable.

Q. What type of welding set will I need?
A. We recommend a Mig welder of 180Amp capacity or higher.

Q. Are the assembly intructions easy to interpret?
A. Not many words and lots of pictures. Instructions are supplied with each kit.

Q. What about delivery?
A. Trailer kits can be collected or delivered. One kit will fit into an estate car with the front passenger seat reclined. The big bits are the centre spine and the two sides. They are not especially heavy.

Q. What does a trailer top weigh?
A. About 200kg (or 4Cwt in old money)

Q. What does a trailer chassis weigh?
A. About 250kg (or 5Cwt)

Q. What does delivery cost?
A. That depends on where you are – typically ?100-?200 for UK customers. There also might be somebody else near you that is buying one so the costs could be shared.

Q. Will the trailer tops look like the originals?
A. The tops are very very similar to the originals. They are built from parts that are made for you to repair your original trailer top, so they are identical wherever possible.

Q. Will the trailer chassis look like the original?
A. They will look very similar, the wheels will be the Ferguson type, the drawbar and handbrake will be the same. The back axle will be slightly different in order to incorporate modern brakes and the tipping mechanism will use fail safe hydraulics. Modern safety regulations make the changes necessary. Remember the chassis is a modern replica, not a copy of the original.

Q. Will chassis spares be available so I can restore my original?
A. The idea is to sell complete welded chassis but if anyone needs parts to repair their own then they will be available on special order. In particular, the centre spineof the replica chasis will be fully interchangeable with the original so these parts can be used to repair an original chassis.

Q. What is an original trailer worth?
A. One recently sold at auction in South Wales for about £3500. The problem is that you will be very unlikely to find a rough original, let alone a good one.

Q. What is the floor made of?
A. The floor is made of wooden boards, the originals appear to be made of softwood, probably pine or similar. The floorboards that we supply are made of Keruing, a modern sustainable hardwwood.